Cleaning Service Add-Ons

Personalize any cleaning service with Marie's Magic Touch Cleaning Service in Mansfield, TX

We understand that you might have additional areas of your home you would like taken care of. We offer the following add-ons to any scheduled cleaning service.

  • Hand wash blinds 
  • Interior of windows 
  • Interior of Stove
  • Interior of Refrigerator
  • Laundry 
  • Organizing 
  • Interior Cabinet Cleaning
  • Wall Cleaning

*add-ons starting $35

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Learn why your neighbors pick us

You can expect high-quality work every time we clean your property. Many homeowners pick us for monthly cleaning services because:

  • We never miss a spot or overlook a room.
  • We can customize our services to fit individual needs.
  • We work efficiently to clean every home.

If you need monthly maintenance cleaning services, call 972-400-7208 today.